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- 1975 - 1981

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1975 - 1981

This page, containing rare and old pics, has been possible thanks to Barre, 
an old friend of the band who scanned them from his personal scrapbook.
Barre worked for the Feelies for years as sound tech: he started in 1983, missed a
few Good Earth tours in 1985, then again full time from 1987 until 1991.
Thanks again, Barre!


The Outkids, the band Glenn, Bill and Dave were in first
(circa 1975)
The first line-up of the Feelies,
with Dave on drums and Junior,
the original bass player
(circa 1976)
Live at the Cantonís club,
Boston, MA
(circa 1977)
The first promo picture, with
Vinny (left) and Keith (right)
(circa 1977)
Another promo picture
with Vinny and Keith
(circa 1977)
Promo picture, this was
in Billís kitchen
(circa 1977)
(circa 1978)
Fa Cť-La - Back cover

Live at the Irving Plaza, NYC (1980)

You can notice Keith using
a drumstick on his bass:
that was at the beginning
of "Forces at Work"

Live at the Hurrah, NYC (1980)


Live at the Showplace, Dover, NJ (circa 1980)


(circa 1980)
(circa 1980)

Live at the Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles, CA (1980)
Photos by Erik Auerback