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Side Groups
Personal projects


Personal Projects

Over the years, almost all the Feelies members started new personal projects. And when the band broke up in 1991, the soul of the original sound someway had survived in many of these groups until their reunion in 2008.


Glenn Mercer

Glenn published two wonderful solo albums,
Wheel in Motion (2007) and Incidental Hum (2015)

The first project Glenn started after the Feelies took a break in 1991 was a band called the Wake Ooloo, together with Dave. The group realized three beautiful albums before  disbanding in 1998.

Also, in 1997 he started playing with the True Wheel. The band recorded a bunch of songs that have been recently made available for download. Also, they appear with a live song on the Buda Bootleg Vol.1 compilation by New Brunswick Underground.

Meanwhile Glenn was involved in another project, the Sunburst: members included also Stan and former Trypes / Speed the Plough Toni Paruta, Marc Francia and John Baumgartner. The band recorded a 3 demo songs tape at the end of 1998 and a few more songs in the following couple of years but they never released an album. After the Feelies reunion in 2008, the band eventually evolved in a new version of Speed the Plough.


Bill Million



Bill stopped with music for almost 17 years, after he moved to Florida in 1991.

Before leaving the Feelies he produced two albums for Speed the Plough: "Speed The Plough" in 1989 and "Wonder Wheel" in 1991. On both albums Bill played percussions, acoustic and electric guitar.


Dave Weckerman

Dave was the first Feelies member to realize a personal project, a 7" containing two tracks realised in 1980:
Dave's 7" - Click to see a larger picture   Shore Leave  (2:15)
(later performed also by
the Yung Wu)

Out of baby's reach  (3:06)

The True Wheel
After the Feelies broke, Dave shared with Glenn a few projects, playing drums in the Wake Ooloo, the True Wheel and the Sunburst.


Brenda Sauter

Brenda joined the Speed the Plough after the Feelies disbanded in 1991, playing bass on their second and third record.

Afterwards she founded a beautiful band called Wild Carnation with Richard Barnes, who is also her husband, Anne Hopkins and Chris O'Donovan.

They realised two wonderful album: Tricycle in 1994, and  Superbus in 2006.

Brenda also played bass in a few songs of a german band, the food For friends.


Stan Demeski

Like most of the Feelies members, Stan played with the Speed the Plough for a while, appearing on their second album Wonder Wheel.

Then he was part of the Luna from late 1991 until 1995, recording three albums and several EP's.

In 1997 his drum kit appears onn the record Apartment Life from the band Ivy.

Finally Stan has also been involved in the Sunburst with Glenn and Dave.